How Can I Choose Surrogacy Is Right For Me ?

What Is Surrogacy ?

Many couples failed to have a child even after many treatment option like IVF, IUI, ICSI etc. This is because of unhealthy uterus. In such parents choose Surrogacy. By surrogacy they have the options to get their own embryo to be transferred into a woman with a healthy uterus, which to allows the fetus to grow. In all ways that is their own child, but the woman who agrees to nurse the child and carrying for the 9 months becomes a surrogate mother, and so that couple will get their baby


Who is a Candidate for Surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is an option for couples failed of all infertility treatment modules. Also females with Uterus diseases go for surrogacy. Females who undergone any surgeries which made them not capable to conceive also can go for surrogacy. Now a days some of the couples choosing surrogacy because lack of time to take a break from career, and it may becomes a common cause for surrogacy in the future. Male infertility, Gay couples and single men who want a child also can choose surrogacy.

How can I choose surrogacy is right for me ?

If you are choosing surrogacy as a way to make your family, it is recommended that you may look for experienced guidance, to know that surrogacy is right choice for you. There are some resources that help the parents to understand about all the aspects of the surrogacy, including fertility counselors, best surrogacy clinics in India and in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic professionals. And It is good to speak or ask for a help with an experienced parent with surrogacy or an experienced surrogate mother to make decision in your process.

GIFT Gyno IVF Centre provides the best Surrogacy service in India and offering Surrogate mothers in India and  provide antenatal Care of Surrogate Mothers. Also we provides infertility treatments such as Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Donor Egg / Sperm, Laparoscopic SurgeryS at affordable cost and with most modern facilities.


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