Surrogacy Process

So many of couples fails to have a child even after all treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI etc this may be due to many of other health issues. In such condition Surrogate mother can help to get their own child by transferring the embryo in to her healthy uterus and will allow fetus to grow.

In many cases surrogacy is the only real chance to have a child, which is the first and only choice they have to make your dream come true.


Traditional surrogacy : This type of surrogate pregnancy is when a woman is artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man who wants to be a father, and in the case of not possessing useful sperm, a donor be sought. Surrogate mother provides the egg from which the baby will, which makes biological mother of the baby.

Gestation gestational surrogate : This type of surrogacy is the most “common” when given this kind of surrogacy, the pregnant mother has no genetic link to the baby. The biological mother before pregnancy occurs, will undergo ovarian stimulation in order to get several eggs. These eggs that are achieved in this way will then be fertilized with sperm from her partner.

Gift IVF centre provides Surrogacy Process in Kochi and Bangalore. Our doctor decides to select one or more number of surrogates to a particular couple from the pool of women who have undergone screening. It is usually depended on their demands and needs.


IVF Treatment in Kochi

IVF is a process in which fertilization happens outside the woman’s body. A woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilised with sperm. The fertilized egg called embryo is surgically implanted into woman’s womb. When a woman is unable to produce a healthy eggs, donated egg can be used to attain pregnancy through donor egg IVF.



GIFT – Gyno IVF center provides sophisticated and advanced IVF Treatment in Kochi. In own healthy surrogate mother.GIFT hospital IVF Treatment can be performed using our own fertilized eggs or with donor eggs. We provide a wide range of options to pick your own surrogate mother. We ensure effective communication between biological parents and surrogate mother. We maintain some strict criteria in choosing donor egg such as

  • Medically, physically and mentally healthy women < 28 years
  • Colour matching is done
  • Minimum qualification of graduate or above
  • All the legal papers must be signed
  • All the tests, scanning, screening must be completely normal
  • Doctors screen hem to make sure, that they are good individuals to ensure a good younger generation

We are very particular in baby care, so detailed counseling is done before the selection. We keep confidentiality in maintaining patient’s personal information. Donation information is only revealed only to partners , not to any family or friends. We provide this IVF Treatment  at  affordable and reasonable cost.

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Best Infertility Treatment in Cochin

Assisted Reproductive Technologies or ART :

Assisted reproductive technology is a for helping the couples to conceive. For this procedure couples can either use their own eggs or sperms or they can use donor eggs or sperms. In this technique fertilization is either occurred in the uterus or in the laboratory.


What are the Techniques in Assisted Reproductive Technologies ?

  • Sperm retrieval

  • Sperm Washing

  • Intrauterine Insemination / Artificial Insemination

  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Sperm Retrieval :

This is a procedure done when a man has no sperm in the ejaculate due to vasectomy, blockage or lack of vas deference. On this procedure the sperm is retrieved from the testes or from the epididymis. After the sperm retrieval, intrauterine insemination (IUI) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is done for fertilization.

Sperm Washing :

This procedure is done when the sperm has less mobility. In this the sperm is washed from seminal fluid to improve mobility and thus helps the sperm to move towards the egg. This technique can be also used for testing the ability of the sperm to escape to the cervical mucus.

Intrauterine Insemination / Artificial Insemination :

This is the most safest and less complex infertility treatment. It doesn’t have the risk of multiple births and is less expensive. It is mainly used in uncomplicated infertility cases. In this procedure the collected sperm is either placed into the uterus or into the cervix.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection / ICSI :

This technique is mainly used while there is male infertility. This is used as a combination with the invitro fertilization (IVF). Here a single sperm is injected to the egg which is obtained through the IVF procedure. This is best for women with age younger than 37. And the rate of success is high.

Gyno IVF Hospital provides the Best Infertility Treatment in Cochin..

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Free Infertility Consultation and Scanning Camps in Kochi

Infertility refers to an incapability to conceive after having usual unprotected sex. Infertility affects both male and female. In India, over 10 million cases are reported per year. IVF is one of the treatment used for infertility problems. GIFT-Gyno IVF Center provides the best Infertility Treatments in Kerala.



Risk Factors for Infertility :

  • Overweight
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Mental stress
  • Alcohol consumption

IVF  is the fertilization process, at which embryo produced by manually combining sperm and egg in the laboratory  dish. Then the embryo is transferred into the uterus.

The procedure involves :

  • Monitoring and stimulating the ovulatory process of a women.
  • Removal of eggs from ovaries of the women and allowing sperm fertilize these eggs in the laboratory
  • For 2-6 days in a growth medium, the fertilized eggs are cultured

IVF is mainly used for treating women with damaged fallopian tubes. This procedure increases the rate of live birth dramatically. It is also used in fertility problems for male.



GIFT-Gyno IVF Center are conducting Free Infertility Consultation and Scanning Camps either on the first Tuesday or first Friday of every month from morning 10am to afternoon 1pm. IVF camps are also conducted at reduced cost for a total package of 60,000 rs including medicines. Dates can be confirmed and registration can be done for both the above by calling in 8086266699 or 0484-2475031

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